Trick or Treat: Get Your Business ready for the Holidays!

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It’s spooky time, ya’ll! I’ve got the Addams Family playing in background, the leaves are hanging and it’s Friday the 13th! This post won’t save you from machete wielding maniacs but it does have some tricks -and a treat- for you to beef up your online presence before the other holidays.


Alright ghouls and guys, here are three tricks and a treat to for scary good results:


SEO or Search Engine Optimization does pretty much what it sounds like, it optimizes your copy to make it more likely to come up in search engines.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, usually Google so it’s incredibly important for your business to register in search results!

People usually talk about SEO when referring to websites but it’s also important to pay attention to your social media copy like you Instagram bio and Facebook “About Me”.

Try googling yourself and see what pops up. If you aren’t on the first page of results, you might be in trouble. 75% of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of results so page 1 is where you want to be!

Don’t see yourself?


It might be time to invest in some SEO. Speaking of copy...

Brand Voice & Guidelines

When you’re running a small business, it can sometimes feel like wrestling a monster you created. But before you resort to chasing it through town with a pitchfork, consider setting some brand guidelines for yourself.


Brand guidelines will help you create content, advertisements, and will help inform others when they talk about your business. A few things to think about when planning your brand guidelines:

  • Brand Colors

  • Primary and Tertiary Fonts

  • Logo and Logo Variations

Where to find your audience

 All the branding and SEO is for the birds if you don’t have an audience. I’m a big fan of using social media as a tool to engage with your audience, rather than as a sales tool. Hashtags, Facebook groups and in person networking are great ways to reach your target audience and build relationships with new and existing customers.

Treat time!

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Learn how to Instagram Better!


Remember when instagram was as simple as snapping a photo (in the app) of your waffles and slapping on the Early Bird filter (RIP)? I joined Instagram in 2011 when the app was still just a baby, my first post was an over filtered, orange tinted photo of a lamp in a basement - with a thick black frame. I like to think my technique has progressed.

It’s crazy to think that 6 years later I’m making a living working with social media considering the only reason I started using it was because Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy posted something about Twitter on his Tumblr.

Instagram has become second nature to me, it feels intuitive and I’ve learned to expect and plan for changes in the algorithm. I’ve learned to adapt and change my strategies to not rely on Instagram doing the leg work for me. But, as I’ve started to do more freelance and less work for bigger companies, I’ve realized that a lot of people just don’t get Instagram.

I spend more of my time with social media clients explaining how the app works than I do executing strategies - which is actually a lot of fun. I love when people a willing to learn new things!

 Here are some easy things anyone with a cellphone can do to get better instagram photos!


I’m not saying your pictures aren’t good but they could probably be better. The highest resolution instagram can display is 1600px x 1600px so you probably don’t have to adjust this. But you should play around with different settings on your phone and get to know the camera features on your phone. Play around with brightness settings to make sure the subject of your photo isn’t getting blown out by back lighting. Take photos with a clear focus and not a lot of background noise.

Blue Tones: Photos with bluetones get 24% more interaction than those without! It’s calming and pretty and blends well in your grid, even when surrounded by dark or cluttered photos.

HDR: When photographing something in low light, ensure your HDR function is turned on. It’s a setting that all modern cell phone cameras have and it’ll prevent you from having grainy, unuseable photos.

🍴🍝🍴 that face like "Ok, stop taking pictures, can we eat now??"

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Be Authentic: Look out for little moments and authentic interactions. You’re a human and Instagram was designed to share human stories. We’re imperfect so it’s okay if your pictures aren’t edited to perfection. Being a real person goes pretty far on a platform that is oversaturated with inauthentic posts and comments.


 Pic: @thejenproject on Instagram

Pic: @thejenproject on Instagram

White Space: White space breathes some life into your grid. If you feel like your feed is getting too cluttered, try posting a few photos with white backgrounds to add some visual space to your feed.

What tips do you have for curated a perfect grid? What do you just not get about Instagram? Let me know in the comments!

Basic Graphic Design Tips for the Time Poor Digital Nomad

Please note: This post contains affiliate links

Bloggers, small business owners, social media influencers - all very busy people! Mastering another skill - especially one as involved as graphic design - is a lot to ask of a person. When I have a little too much to do to create quality images from scratch I use Creative Market.

Whether you have a wealth of knowledge in graphic design or you’re just a blogger trying to hammer down your aesthetic, here are some design tips to keep in mind and some assets to help you in the right direction.


Serif, san serif, script, bold, italic, slab-serif, blah, blah, blah… Fonts play a more important role than just looking pretty, they show hierarchy, show importance and can help set a vibe for your design. Typography is a design science in itself. Here are a few design sets you can use for your own design projects:


Every color evokes a different emotion, and color choices can make or break a design. For a great tutorial about creating effective color palettes check out this interview done with graphic designers about their best tips.


I’ve talked about the importance of white space in your instagram grid but it’s also a great tool for breathing life into your blog posts. It makes your site look tidier and the text easier to read -- just don’t white-out all of the personality of your page!



Custom Social Media Graphics


What resources do you use to expedite some of your design heavy projects? What's the hardest part about blogging to you?