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Bridget Said...

New Client Spotlight: Rain City Slickers


Since I moved to Portland in October, we’ve had more than 150 days of rain - this city is no stranger to precipitation. While Portlanders seems to have a vehement vendetta against umbrellas, that doesn’t mean they’re content with walking around with wet pants. Rain coats, galoshes and sweatpants are wardrobe staples to guard from the elements. But what do you do when you have a dog leash in one hand, a coffee in another and no time to plan for a change of dry clothes? Enter the Rain City Slickers:


“We believe in looking cute and sexy even in the rain. We believe in making women's rain gear that not only serves as protection from the rain but protection from the “dumpy rain coat” and “dumpy rain pant” look. We believe in feeling and looking good despite the rain.” - Dori Lyon, Founder and Product Designer at Rain City Slickers

Roddy Creative will be talking over their social media and helping out with events around the city like the Portland Saturday Market and upcoming fashion shows.

Keep an eye out for new rain gear coming soon and stay dry!