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Basic Graphic Design Tips for the Time Poor Digital Nomad

Please note: This post contains affiliate links

Bloggers, small business owners, social media influencers - all very busy people! Mastering another skill - especially one as involved as graphic design - is a lot to ask of a person. When I have a little too much to do to create quality images from scratch I use Creative Market.

Whether you have a wealth of knowledge in graphic design or you’re just a blogger trying to hammer down your aesthetic, here are some design tips to keep in mind and some assets to help you in the right direction.


Serif, san serif, script, bold, italic, slab-serif, blah, blah, blah… Fonts play a more important role than just looking pretty, they show hierarchy, show importance and can help set a vibe for your design. Typography is a design science in itself. Here are a few design sets you can use for your own design projects:


Every color evokes a different emotion, and color choices can make or break a design. For a great tutorial about creating effective color palettes check out this interview done with graphic designers about their best tips.


I’ve talked about the importance of white space in your instagram grid but it’s also a great tool for breathing life into your blog posts. It makes your site look tidier and the text easier to read -- just don’t white-out all of the personality of your page!


What resources do you use to expedite some of your design heavy projects? What's the hardest part about blogging to you?