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Events & Fundraising

Events & Fundraisers

ACTING OUT! Cleveland 2015

A 3 day Arts Festival benefiting NAMI Greater Cleveland

In 2015 I was part of a four person team producing ACTING OUT!, a three day arts series to raise awareness for mental illness and addiction. I coordinated the third night’s gallery show as well as outreach including managing press inquiries, marketing materials and our creating the event’s website and social media accounts. Additionally, I worked directly with our nonprofit partner and our various sponsors to relay and collect important information and data about the event. In those three days, we were able to raise approximately $10,000 for NAMI Greater Cleveland and pull more than 1,500 people to our events.

Third Fridays Gallery Open Houses

During my year at the Derek Hess Gallery, I was able to help curate and manage monthly events as part of the 78th Street Studios’ Third Fridays. These open houses centered mainly around pieces from Hess’ works from the early 1990’s to present though occasionally we did special exhibitions featuring other artists and collections. One of my favorite shows was Your Are What You Wear: The art of the Concert Tee which featured nearly 100 shirts from DJ Earna Hammer’s personal collection. I was heavily involved in the creation of this show including: press outreach, social media promotion, research, interviews and sourcing props and materials for hanging the show.

You Are What You Wear: The Art of the Concert Tee

This archive of concert tees are a result of decades of collecting by Kansas native, Erna Hammer who has been collecting shirts by her favorite bands since the 70’s. Viewed as a whole, the collection can be seen as a timeline, chronicling eras of these bands alongside the fashion and attitude of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. Read the press release.

Posters and Pups Art Show

Featuring Artist Derek Hess' concert posters from 1996-1997 with CITY DOGS Cleveland onsite with adoptable dogs.

Rising Star Coffee Roasters Catering & Promotion Events

At Rising Star, I was part of a small team that put together trade show displays and pop-up shops at local events. We demonstrated brewing techniques, educated patrons about our coffee and sold Rising Star products as well as products from local artisans.

Pastini Eugene Grand Opening Fundraiser

As Marketing Assistant at Pastini Restaurants, one of the largest projects I worked on was the opening of the local chain’s newest restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. For this event, I managed community engagement with other business owners in the area, creating invitations, managing donor lists and the schedule for each night’s events.