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Madam Astro Privacy Policy

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We take your privacy very seriously


The Madam Astro app is a horoscope and fortune telling app created using Google Actions. It is intended only for entertainment purposes. Any advice or predictions made should not be taken as fact or as guidance. If you are in distress or in need of help, please seek the guidance of a professional.


What information do you collect?

To make Madam Astro functional, certain data must be collected and interpreted to make your user experience as easy as possible.

Information collected includes:

Your native language, collected through your Google device.

Any information you tell the app in response to prompted questions.

How do you use the information?

We use this information to populate appropriate responses.

Once you exit the app, your information is stored in Dialogueflow. We use this information to see what questions users ask and how we can make this app better.

We are not responsible for any information collected or stored by Google while you interact with this app.

What information do you share?

We don’t share any information.

This app was created in the United States and is hosted through Google.