An inclusive and accessible internet

An inclusive and accessible internet is good for everyone. I'm constantly working to make my site more accessible and user friendly. If there is something I could be doing better, let me know!

In the meantine, I'd appreciate it if you took a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your answers will help me create better sites and products. Your answers are anonymous.

Online Trip Planning

Traveling is stressful and as much as technology can help, I know it can do better. This survey will help find pain points in your online trip planning process. Please answer as many questions as possible as clearly as possible. 

What about your online travel planning experience is most frustrating?
Do you use a screen reader?
Do you travel with a service animal?
What part of travel do you wish could be taken care of for you?
If you chose "other" above, explain here:
What would make online trip planning easier for you?
I make most of my travel plans:
What device did you use to take this survey?